In a few words

With a desire to further a discourse surrounding art and matter, this digital collection of words and images explores how contemporary artists continue, adapt and redefine questions surrounding material and materiality.   By gathering studio based conversations together with contributions from featured artists, our intention is to create a discourse around materiality which interweaves practical understanding with broad questions about art.  

In example, how can a piece fabric become an inquiry on the handmade and the industrial? How is a lump of clay a meditation on the plasticity of form?  How can a digital manipulation begin to redefine our perception of the physical?  What about words?  What about sounds?

Each artist's contribution is a glimpse into a particular relationship that transforms matter into objects, opening up concerns of ecology, of identity, of body, of time, of im/permanence etc..  Through technical exploration and the possibilities of process, artists draw maps of correspondences between the stuff of past, present and future.  Within the artist’s studio a specialized knowledge of pigment can begin to intersect with the immeasurable vibrations of atoms as they communicate within bodies and between galaxies.

By exploring subjects such as color, texture, form and process artists are able to construct the foundation for an expanding discourse.  We ask about making to better understand the world and ourselves as matter in a constant state of becoming.